Human Potential

Shift your perspective…
Experience the difference.

Quiet the Mind & Open the Heart.

The study and sharing of integrating body, mind and spirit to awaken our amazing human potential has always been my greatest passion whether it be through my career or personal life.

One of the most empowering realizations I’ve had is that our experience of any life circumstance is based on our personal perspective more than the circumstance itself,  and that as our perspective changes our experience changes automatically.

Over the years I’ve been blessed with people who have helped me realize that who I thought I was, who I thought others were and how I thought the world worked was all being discolored by thoughts and emotions which were rooted in past experience, not in the reality and potential of the present. I saw how old wounds, thoughts and conditioning were a big part of what made up my perspective and how they affected my feelings, responses and choices which play such a big part in the way life unfolds. I have learned that we have the power to change our perspective and have a happier more satisfying experience of life.

Out of this realization sprung a lifelong passion for studying and sharing both western and eastern modalities that have the ability to encourage the shift of negative perspectives, release negative emotions and allows our natural strengths, ability to love and our unique gifts to emerge.