Lindsay became a household name in her Emmy award-winning role as The Bionic Woman. 

The story behind Bionic Woman

Lindsay had only been acting professionally for a few years, when Universal Studios offered her a role as Jaime Sommers, fiancé of The Six Million Dollar Man.  The successful TV series was about a human who was enhanced with mechanical prosthesis. Lindsay guest-starred in a two-part special where Jaime is fitted with life-saving bionic parts after a skydiving accident.  Imagined as a short, two-episode story line, Jaime’s body rejected her bionics. The death of her character sparked a public out cry. Kids, parents and even children’s hospitals were upset the popular heroine in a family show was scripted to die before their eyes. Universal responded with another two-part story line that brought the bionic Jaime back to life. The solution was well received, but fans “wanted more”. Audience demand literally brought about “The Bionic Woman” series in which Jaime went to teach school at an Air Force base and ultimately began working undercover for the government.

Classic Episodes