People Sharing Their Experience:

  “Lindsay Wagner's workshop "Quiet the Mind & Open the Heart" richly fed me.  It is a powerful workshop wherein I was able to heal old hurts and misunderstandings, allowing me to be fully present with compassion and acceptance.  In addition, I gained an in-the-moment method to release judgment and negative thoughts when they are occurring which helps me to stay centered and connected to Spirit.  As a result I am more relaxed and happy more of the time.  I highly recommend Lindsay Wagner's teachings -- she is a blessing and you will be blessed!”
Rev. Deidre Ashmore, Unity Minister, Spokane, Washington
  "Since March 2007 I have attended many workshops of Lindsay’s, both large and small. All of them provided a unique, profound positive impact on my body, mind and spirit.  As a clinical hypnotherapist I greatly appreciate finding such a gifted leader as Lindsay.  She is interesting, humble and speaks with care and eloquence. It’s taken me years of searching to find someone and a process that works for me.  No matter how many times I hear the message it is always a gift, a reminder of our human potential.”
Alisha Tamburri, Clinical Hypnotherapist, California


  "After the workshop, I had a couple of old issues that surfaced and I thought, ‘Gee this isn’t good’.  Then in a couple of days, both issues positively resolved and I feel lighter as though a burden had been lifted. I realized the situation or the other people hadn’t changed, I have changed.”
D. Lyson, Idaho
  "Lindsay creates a trusting environment that makes me feel comfortable.  I’ve learned so much from her and this awakening has been a surprising revelation for me.  I’ve experiences shifts in my life and subsequent in those who are close to me. The stress of past traumas has lessened and I feel more peace and contentment.”
T. M., Financial Consultant, California
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  “I am constantly struggling to balance a demanding job with the chaos of every day life, and rarely make time to slow down and unwind.  I have found Lindsay’s workshops and retreats to be an ideal way to relax and work on unloading some of the inner baggage which we all carry around.  Her technique to ‘Quiet the Mind’ really does work, even for a highly stressed person like me!”
M. M., Chief Operating Officer of an International Corporation, California
"The Quiet Mind Open Heart workshop has brought a deeper sense of community to our church”. 
V. Lyon, Idaho
  "When I first heard about Lindsay's workshops, I went just because I loved her as "The Bionic Woman". I quickly discovered that she is so much more than that, that far from being the mere sum of her various on-screen roles, Lindsay in fact brings a wise and loving fullness to everything she does. I could go on, but perhaps it's best to cut to the chase: Everyone I know has told me all my life that our attitudes impact us more than do our circumstances, but in the end none of them could get through to me. After almost forty years of fighting it, I'm finally letting the light of this important truth shine in my life through the magic of Lindsay and her precious guidance. You can get this blessing, too; just sign up right away for one of her programs, and come out a winner!
Ben Bangs, Graduate Student, Irvine, California
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"I am most happy to recommend Lindsay Wagner’s presentation to your church.  I attended her two day workshop, “Quiet the Mind & Open the Heart” and had a transformative experience with the 4-hour Parent Forgiveness Process. She brings a wondrous, loving, gentle, shining presence of the Spirit of God.  Lindsay was at Unity of Louisville’s service that Sunday and led a rare and healing blessing called the Oneness Blessing. The congregation’s response to Lindsay’s presence was one of pure gratitude for sharing her peace, love and light with us.”
Rev. Susan EngPoole, Senior Minister Unity of Louisville

  "It was wonderful having you at our church, Lindsay, such a spiritual delight!  Participants in your workshop have shared their joy with others and we eagerly look forward to having you back in the fall to deliver another workshop.  So many people were blessed.  Thank you so very much for your presence, your love, your open sharing and your energy."
Rev. John Considine, Unity Church of North Idaho